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When you’re inviting the world’s leading healthcare specialists to your next virtual event - don’t forget to invite aps first

aps: The ultimate in virtual event planning, production and project management for the healthcare industry

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You’ve got an idea for a virtual event. You know what you want to achieve. But what will that event look like? How will it be run? What about the planning, the project management? What technology will you use? Who will take responsibility for it and how can you be sure of success?

You tell us where you want to go - we’ll get you there.

live streaming

When you want to broadcast content from a location to large numbers of viewers, you’ll want to live stream.  


Powerful and productive communication platforms that connect multiple in-person gatherings and remote attendees.

aps Analytics

Comprehensive metrics allow you to better understand your audience, accurately measure ROI and to learn and adapt for your next meeting.

remote recording

Pre-recorded content gives you flexible access to the busiest of diaries, the remotest of remote locations and the world’s leading healthcare expertise.

aps bridge

A virtual and hybrid experience with high-end quality and seamless transitions between multiple content types & multiple locations, online or around the world.

on demand

Use On-Demand content to share valuable event content and grow your event audience long after the closing address.


There are many great reasons to run a virtual event. Whatever your objectives, we’ll help you choose the right combination of event platform and tools. Secure, safe and stress-free events, in-depth analytics and dedicated technical support before, during and after your event which help you improve your engagement and ensure success for future events.


When you need to educate. When you need to tell people about your new products and innovations. Do it with an aps Virtual Event.


Get your experts talking. There is no better way to grow your profile and exhibit your credentials than with an aps Virtual Event.


Our Engaging, entertaining and memorable events are guaranteed to build your brand profile with those that matter.


Get the HCP community talking with an aps virtual event. We’ll help you open dialogue and step-up industry awareness of your new products.


You’d be amazed at the ways people network during aps Virtual Events - the many ways people engage - not only with the event, but with each other.


One of the many great things about aps Virtual Events are the business-building lessons you learn from the data.

our products

In the 15 years we’ve been delivering world-class virtual events for the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve learnt exactly what it takes to get people talking, sharing amazing content and genuinely interacting. Whatever the scale, whatever the scope, our proven experience, attention to detail and rock-solid event products guarantee that your event will run smoothly and successfully. Talk to us today about the product/add-on package that’s right for your next virtual event.

An enhanced live streaming platform that’s customisable, managed and fully interactive.

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A dedicated customisable platform for multiple live stream and on-demand events.

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A visually led event experience - aps Venue is the ultimate conference simulation, with presentation streams, networking an interactive opportunities.

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All the technology, all the talent and all the experience you need to run brilliant virtual events. Anything is possible, just talk to us!

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Maximise your delegate participation and interaction with aps Click, an enhanced, in-room engagement experience

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Thousands of people in attendance. Leading experts in the pharmaceutical field ready to share their insights. A serious investment of time and money. The last thing you want when your virtual event is ready to start is a technical, security or capacity problem derailing everything. With aps, you don’t need to worry. Whatever the scale, whatever the scope, our proven experience, attention to detail and rock solid technology makes sure that your event will run smoothly.


Scale / flexibility



standards & certification

Web support

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